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Take a look at our broadband service levels packaged with the VSAT 3100 and NetModem II Plus modems.

Why Satellite?
Satellite is not just the means to broadcast and receive thousands of TV channels.

Consumer v. Business
Why many customers wind up realizing they need business-class satellite Internet.

Networking TicoSAT
Information on networking the VSAT 3100 with your computers.

TicoSAT Upgrades
Moving from other satellite Internet providers has never been easier.

Our Customers
What started as a quality control measure ended up a photo gallery.

Technical Information
High-speed Internet via satellite explained.

Mac Satellite Internet
The VSAT 3100 is 100 percent Mac compatible.

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Broadband Satellitehigh speed internet VSAT3100 Internet Access

TicoSAT is proud to announce the the most advanced and reliable Internet solution available in Central America. TicoSat utilizes the VSAT 3100 and the NetModem II Plus Satellite Internet modems packaged with True Broadband Satellite Internet service levels from the USA. Read more about why satellite is right for you.

netmodem plus satellite internet router  * Service in Costa Rica, Guatamala, Puerto Rico, etc.
  * VSAT satellite Internet Equipment $2,000.00 & Up
  * Broadband Satellite Service - $99.00/month & Up
  * Static-Public IP Address

Broadband satellite Internet access has never been faster, cheaper or better than at TicoSAT right now.

Faster. TicoSat offers the fastest Satellite Internet connections available in Central America! Not only are the speeds of our service faster than the rest, the industry average for installations of satellite internet is over a month; we average only 10 business days to get Your system hooked up!

Cheaper. TicoSat now provides our quality equipment packages starting at $2,000, with our fast reliable Satellite internet service levels starting at only $99 per month!

Better. TicoSat now offers easy-to-order, complete satellite Internet packages featuring the new advanced VSAT 3100 satellite modem, the best Satellite Internet Modem on the market today!


The No. 1 thing you need to know before making a satellite Internet purchase -- throughput.

VSAT satellite Internet service is the most versaltile satellite service on the market today.

That's why, at TicoSAT, we specialize in bringing VSAT satellite service -- and high end business capabilities -- to our customers.

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TicoSAT is a fully authorized Value Added Reseller of VSAT Systems satellite Internet service.

Why buy broadband satellite Internet service from TicoSAT?

  * Our low pricing is the lowest available anywhere in Central America on installed VSAT broadband satellite Internet.
  * We serve commercial-office and home-office users who require a professional-grade Internet service.
  * Our solutions are supported 24x7 by qualified and experienced engineers. Our nationwide installation and service network serves our complete service area.
  * We provide broadband satellite Internet in places where no cable company or DSL provider offers service

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